We start with great-tasting certified organic fair trade coffee—coffee that’s shade-grown and free of toxins and pesticides. Then we add important nutrients that help improve your health without changing the taste of your coffee or your brewing routine. And because Fit Grinds shade-grown coffee comes directly from small organic farms in Central and South America, every cup helps preserve wildlife habitat and keeps harmful chemicals out of the environment.

Our coffee is also fair trade, which ensures that the farmers are paid fair prices for their beans. Ethical products that support a healthy lifestyle and also taste great aren’t always easy to find. Fit Grinds is transparent about the added nutrients. We say right upfront what the nutritional additives are and what they can do – and cite the research studies to prove it. We tell you exactly where the beans were grown and how they were processed. Why? Because health is our passion.

Each bag you purchase helps create jobs for individuals with a disability.

Fit Grinds believes strongly in giving back, which is why we are partnering with our coffee roaster to create jobs for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. Our roaster was founded with the specific purpose of providing jobs to those with disabilities, and with our partnership we will attempt to greatly increase the number of opportunities for members of this important community by creating jobs ranging from roasting, to grinding, to packaging, to delivery, as well as homebased microbusinesses for those unable to work outside of the home.

Currently, less than 35% of people with disabilities are employed, compared to more than 75% of individuals without a disability. Even worse, an exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act that has been in place for more than 80 years allows employers to pay as little as a few cents per hour to workers with disabilities if they can’t perform a job as well as a person who is not disabled.

Thus, we are hoping to do our part to improve those stats by providing fair-paying jobs to those with a disability, but we need your help. With each purchase of Fit Grinds coffee you make, you are partnering with us to not just create jobs, but to provide our valuable and capable teammates with a sense of purpose, self-worth, and belonging.

How Fit Grinds Came to Be

Fit Grinds was co-founded by longtime friends Brent Dilts and Dr. Robert Silverman, two health enthusiasts who want to be allies in supporting your health. As a national and international speaker on healthy living, Dr. Rob understands that while many people are eager to embrace healthier foods, their goal is challenging to implement. He wanted to be able to recommend one easy thing that would help put people on the path to a better lifestyle.

Together with his friend Brent, they decided that coffee would be a delicious way to start. After all, coffee is one of the most popular and widely enjoyed beverages in the world. It’s an essential part of the day for millions of people. Brent and Dr. Rob realized that adding important nutrients to coffee, without affecting the taste, would make a daily cup of coffee into something that automatically helps improve your health.