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How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed on our website, www.FitGrinds.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also order via our social media pages by logging into your account, setting up one-click payment, visiting our page, and choosing the product(s) that you would like to order.

I’m having trouble placing an order. What can I do?

Please contact our customer service team for further assistance via email at info@fitgrinds.com.

Where can I see my order history?

To see your previous orders, log into your account on our website and click on orders. Please note that this requires the creation of an account. Once you are logged in you can click on the “My Orders” tab on the left side to review past, recent, and pending orders.

How do I create an account?

Sign up using this link An email will be sent to your email address to verify your account. Follow the steps in the email and you will be able to log into our website to view your account.

How do I reset my password?

If you are having trouble logging into our website, please click on this link to reset your password.


Is Fit Grinds coffee organic?

The only product that we sell that is 100% organic is Original. Our other coffees all use the same organic coffee as a base but because they are less than 90% organic they cannot be called organic. However, we utilize the highest quality nutrients in all of our products.

Can I buy Fit Grinds products in stores?

Not yet but we will continually update our website with that information as partnerships with retail locations are formed. Stay tuned!

Do Fit Grinds coffees taste different because of the additives?

We place great importance on taste, not just health, in any product we sell. Thus, all of the products should be very similar in taste, with only slight variation among each. For example, Multi-Collagen may have a slightly creamy taste due to the added collagen.

What is the shelf life of Fit Grinds coffees?

We roast, grind, mix, and pack all of our coffees in a few hour window of time. We also utilize a nitrogen flush to ensure maximum product freshness and taste. As a result, our ground coffee bags stay fresh for up to 18 months if left sealed. Once opened, we recommend storing the coffee in a cool, dry place (i.e. not the refrigerator) and consuming within 2 weeks.

If I am pregnant can I drink Fit Grinds coffees?

Every individual’s health situation differs so it is hard to make sweeping statements on the safety of any one product if you are pregnant. Thus, we advise you to speak with your doctor about consuming any of the coffees that we offer that include nutritional additives.

What is the clumped white powder in my bag?

Because our coffees have added nutrients, you may occasionally find a small clump in your bag. We do our best in the manufacturing process to ensure that does not happen but it is possible that one sneaks through on us. In the event that you find a clump just press on it with a spoon and it should break apart.

Should I shake the bag to ensure the contents are thoroughly mixed?

Yes, we recommend gently shaking the bag before each use to make sure the contents remain well mixed. Just make sure you have the bag well sealed when you do so or it may look like that scene in Step Brothers where Will Ferrell’s character sleep walks into the kitchen and shakes the coffee all over the place.

Do any of the nutrients get caught in the filter when I brew my coffee?

No, there is no need to worry as the products are water soluble and will dissolve completely during the brewing process. We have thoroughly tested all of our products and there was no loss of product from brewing.

Does the heat from brewing damage or degrade any of the nutrients?

No, we have tested our products and there was no degradation of any nutrients. If you know about probiotics you also may be thinking there is no way a probiotic could survive the heat involved in brewing coffee, but the probiotic we use is called Bacillus Subtilis, which is a spore that can tolerate heat very well. In fact, we tested it in a lab and boiled the probiotic coffee for 10 minutes and the tests still revealed no degradation in the probiotic, though we don’t recommend boiling your coffee.

Are the added nutrients “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA?

Yes, every ingredient we have added to our coffees is designated GRAS by the FDA.

Why doesn’t Fit Grinds offer k-cups?

The answer is a combination of concerns about health, taste, and the environment.

Health: While k-cups may serve as a convenient method of brewing up a cup of coffee, they generally use a plastic material that contains one or a mix of BPA, BPF, BPS, and Phthalates,among others. These materials have been shown to potentially cause health issues, particularly when heated as is the case for a k-cup. In addition, coffee-pod brewers have been shown to be a significant source of mold and mildew.

Taste: Brewing k-cups tends to yield a cup of coffee that just doesn’t taste as good as what can be obtained via other brewing methods. This is due to the oxidation of the coffee that occurs after it is roasted. After the beans cool, they release trapped carbon dioxide for a few days to several weeks, with the most rapid release occurring in the first few days after roasting. With a normal bag of coffee, this process does not matter as the bags have a valve that allows the carbon dioxide to be released (known as a degassing valve). However, k-cups do not have the
gas could cause the sealed container to expand and pop. As a result, manufacturers of k-cups normally just let the coffee sit out for days or weeks to release all the carbon dioxide before
packaging it. During this time, that coffee is becoming increasingly stale with every passing minute, leaving you with an end product that yields a bad tasting cup of coffee.

Environment: It has been well documented how many k-cups are thrown into landfills, end up in bodies of water, etc each year. Some countries have even banned the use of k-cups outright and the creator of the k-cup regrets his own invention because of the environmental impact.

Why don't you sell whole bean coffee?

We do not offer whole bean coffee as the addition of the nutrients, i.e. what make our product coffee with benefits, is not possible with whole bean as there is no way to mix the nutrients into the product.


When will my order ship after it is placed?

We strive to ship all orders placed on normal business days by 2 PM EST that same day. Orders placed after 2 PM EST or over the weekend will ship the next business day. However, there is always a chance that an order gets delayed so if you see that your order has not been shipped within 3 business days please contact us at info@FitGrinds.com to investigate it. Please make sure you check you junk/spam filter for any shipping related info before contacting us.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Excellent customer service is a key business priority for all of us at Fit Grinds so please get in touch at info@FitGrinds.com as quickly as possible after ordering if you need to change or cancel your order. We will do our best to accommodate your request. However, please be aware that once your order has been shipped we cannot change or cancel the order.

How quickly will my order arrive once shipped?

We utilize USPS, FedEx, and UPS where applicable and generally ship the same or the next business day. Thus, if you are based in the continental U.S. you should receive your order within a few days. We will provide a shipping confirmation with your order once it ships so please use that to track your info and remember to check your junk/spam folder.

What does shipping cost?

Any order over $40 (not including sales tax or shipping costs), be it a one-time order or a recurring subscription, will receive free shipping. Orders under $40 will incur shipping costs, which will be calculated and added to the order price during checkout.

What do I do if I have a subscription and move?

In the event that you move, please remember to update your address by logging into your account and editing your address. If an order does ship to a previous address your only option at that point is to contact the carrier and ask them to edit your shipping address before the product arrives.

What do I do if I don’t receive my order?

We are here to assist you if this happens but before doing so we ask that you do the following:

  • Ensure that the address you entered when ordering and the one shown on the shipping confirmation email from us is correct.
  • Check the tracking information from the carrier by using the info contained in the shipping conformation email that we sent you.
  • Check to see if your package was delivered to a neighbor in error.
  • If the package shows delivered and you have not received it contact the carrier to inquire about the package. Please note that USPS occasionally marks a package as delivered before it arrives.

If none of the above options work, please contact us at info@FitGrinds.com and we will work with you to make sure you get your order.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all 50 U.S. states, plus any U.S. territories. We do ship to P.O. boxes but do not currently ship internationally. We also ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses, though shipping times may be longer than normal.

What do I do if something was wrong with my order?

If there is something wrong with your order and it is not a topic that is covered in this FAQ section, please get in touch at info@fitgrinds.com and we will resolve whatever issue you have. Our top priority is your satisfaction and we are happy to help.


How much do I save with a subscription?

Our subscription price offers you a 10% discount on your entire recurring order.

What frequency can I choose for my subscription?

We offer 1 – 8 week intervals as options for all subscriptions. You can also change the frequency of your subscription at any time by logging into your account and changing the delivery schedule.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Pausing or canceling your subscription is very simple. Log into your account and click pause or cancel account. Please make sure to confirm either option and make sure to do so at least 2 business days in advance of when your order is scheduled to be shipped. If you pause your account all you need to do to reactivate it is log back into your account and click reactivate. Then set your delivery schedule and make sure the products you want are included.

Getting in touch

Are you on social media?

Fit Grinds is definitely on social media, actively posting content on coffee, health, and many more topics to help you be your best. To follow us or engage you can find us by clicking on one of the following icons:

How do I get in touch with customer service?

The quickest way to get in touch is to use the customer service chat on the website or by emailing us at info@FitGrinds.com. If you emailing us we attempt to respond within 24 hours but that could be impacted by weekends, holidays, etc. Rest assured we will do our best to get back to you quickly.

Can I purchase wholesale?

Yes, definitely. If you are interested in our wholesale program, please go here and fill out the brief form to get started with us.

Do you have a media contact?

If you work in the media and want to get in touch please send us an email at PR@FitGrinds.com.


Is Fit Grinds operating during the pandemic?

Yes, we are still fully operational during this period and are shipping products on a normal basis.

What precautions is Fit Grinds taking with my order to ensure my safety?

Our production facility is following all CDC guidelines, including sanitizing surfaces frequently,requiring workers to maintain a physical distance from others, and daily wellness check-ins on our employees and partners. However, if you’re concerned about the safety of receiving a shipment, the World Health Organization (WHO) has more info on the topic here and the CDC has guidance on home cleaning that can be found here.

Referral program

What is your referral policy?

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers and if they purchase you can earn a $5 credit for every new customer you send our way! Click here to check out how it works.

For details about our referral program terms and conditions, click here.


What is the shelf life of your product?

We roast, grind, mix, and pack all of our coffees in a few hour window of time. We also utilize a nitrogen flush to ensure maximum product freshness and taste. As a result, our ground coffee bags stay fresh for up to 18 months if left sealed. Once opened, we recommend storing the coffee in a cool, dry place (i.e. not the refrigerator) and consuming within 2 weeks.

What is your order lead time?

Order lead times will be entirely dependent on the size of the order but in many cases should be turned around within 1 business day. For larger orders we will do our best to work with you to meet your timeline on 1st time orders and should generally be able to turn orders around relatively quickly thereafter.

What is your minimum order?

Our current minimum order size is 20 bags.

Do you work with any distributors?

We do not currently work with any distributors but we will update this page as appropriate should that change.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we do not ship internationally.