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Thank you for your interest in the Fit Grinds Partnership Program!

Program highlights

  • Competitive commission rates
  • 45 day referral period
  • Average order value of $40+
  • Rapidly growing brand of high quality functional coffee products
  • Direct access to our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Robert Silverman
  • Support job opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities


Our Mission

Our mission at Fit Grinds is to improve your health through better coffee while providing fair-paying jobs to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These important team members are employed throughout the production process, from roasting through fulfillment. Thus, each bag that you help us sell directly contributes to the success of this cause. For more info please visit our about page.



What we’re seeking

We want to shake up the way America thinks about its coffee by providing our customers with great tasting coffee that also boasts high quality nutrients. We are looking for Influencers, micro influencers, bloggers, brand ambassadors, vloggers, or brand advocates to assist in developing content predicated on our innovative functional coffee products. If you are a lover of coffee, are into health and wellness, or are an entrepreneurial marketer, we want you to consider partnering with us.

Requirements for participation

  • Have an established website and/or social media following of 5K+ followers.
  • You are U.S. based or your followers are primarily U.S. based.
  • You do not provide medical advice or make disease claims based on Fit Grinds’ products.
  • You must agree to the Partnership program Terms & Conditions.

Fit Grinds products

Our organic coffee blends support a healthy gut, healthy joints, and mental clarity in a way that maximizes convenience, quality, and taste. Current products include:

Fit Grinds Coffee Varieties

  • Original: Organic, fair trade, ground coffee, medium roast
  • Focus: Original + L-theanine, Alpha GPC, and Taurine
  • Multi Collagen: Original + U.S. sourced grass-fed bovine collagen and U.S. sourced chicken collagen
  • Pre + Probiotic : Original + a prebiotic, xylo-oligosaccharide, and a probiotic, Bacillus Subtilis

We have a number of additional functional coffee blends in the pipeline, some of which will be introduced in the coming months. Being an early player as part of these betas could be one of the perks!


Fit Grinds’ value proposition

Fit Grinds’ value proposition

Our coffees with benefits can save consumers as much as 50% versus the cost of buying organic coffee and the nutrients separately. This works out to less than $1 per serving for high quality organic coffee and a therapeutic dose of the added nutrients.

Why you should partner with Fit Grinds

Fit Grinds represents an exciting expansion of the functional beverage market, particularly the functional coffee space, and requires a strategic approach that aligns with the health and wellness goals of today’s consumers! By partnering with Fit Grinds, influencers will be able to enhance their brand while simultaneously acting as brand ambassadors to a young, exciting, and forward-thinking company.

How it works

Joining our affiliate marketing program allows you to leverage your blog, website, social media channels, email list, and other audiences to drive sales of Fit Grinds products and earn commissions on those sales. Major Perk – You become a valued Fit Grinds marketing partner and help us create more jobs for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities while promoting healthy, cutting edge products to your loyal followers!

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